Finally winter is over and some practices taking place makes spring one of the most awaited season of the year. The daytime gets longer, the weather is warmer, the gardens get beautiful colourful flowers and the clothing is lighter.

Actually, in springtime, people don’t know exactly what to wear: who prefers to wait before getting lighter dress, someone else proceed step by step and other ones wear short and t-shirt because just on doing it make them back to their beloved summer feeling.

Certainly ,when the long awaited sun that warms up a bit more comes out and we think about which wine to drink, our mind goes straight to a nice fresh white wine that tastes like sea holidays.

Most of the people pick their wine following the brand, the grape o simply going after their consolidated habit. On the other hand there are professionals or wine lovers who select their wine mainly because of the style and so they look for dry, floral, aromatic, oaked ones etc…

Whether the choice comes from a habit, a trend, by the chance or as a conscious decision, it is said that is a matter of personal taste that is subjective and unquestionable.

The issue could be different if there are more people involved. Well…it is not easy decide for all, reckon to don’t know enough about or make someone happy just to don’t upset him…basically to make everybody agree.  Therefore can be useful to make clear which ones are the main wine style and who could like those.

The Baglio Diar white wines selection includes very well distinguished styles that make easier the choice for the client.

Mokarta Bianco, Inzolia and Chardonnay, is perfect for those who like dry, light wine with a delicate smell. This blend is particularly pleasant because bring together a native grape that expresses minerality and freshness with an international variety such as Chardonnay which develops notes of mature white fruits in the wine.

Mokarta Bianco is lovely if paired with a turbot fillet in orange sauce cooked in the pan and a seasonal fresh salad.

Selene, Grillo 100%, is great for people who prefer medium-aromatic  white wine with really good freshness. This Grillo stands out because the vineyards where is planted are placed just by the sea, in Mazara Del Vallo.  The terroir indeed gives to the wine a nice salinity that, along with notes of apricot and pineapple, makes this Grillo an authentic Baglio Diar speciality.

Selene is a must-try with fresh pasta with octopus, cuttlefish and grated bottarga on top.

Fantasia, Zibibbo 100%, is ideal for those who love aromatic wine with a strong personality. The Baglio Diar zibibbo thrives at 300 meters above sea level and on the glass shows a crisp acidity that balances out a great but not excessive aromaticity. Thus this wine on the nose gives an intense smell of citrus fruits and on the palate goes elegantly  thanks to its minerality and the lovely note of sage.

Fantasia is excellent to drink with a juicy squid filled with basil and lemon along with cherry tomatoes confit.

After a dry, medium aromatic and aromatic wine there is something else?…

Of course, the wine offers many other shades but, considering the main styles of whites, there should be only one missing: the oaked one!

Where it is on the list of Baglio Diar?…Well, there is news but would be a shame to anticipate the content of one of the next blogs…

See you next…