The Di Girolamo family is involved in viticulture for 70 years but only in 2018 founded the Baglio Diar company with the intent to bottle their product.

The first bottling by Baglio Diar was only in 2019 then. The bottles went on the market in the spring of 2020 when, unfortunately, the pandemic was just started. The market was stuck and buyers of the wine sector were not in the position to invest time in a new proposal like the Baglio Diar one.

The main goal of Baglio Diar was obviously to build up a sales force in Italy but their motivation and their confidence were strong enough that they have tried to develop marketing in foreign countries as well.

The young firm from Marsala, for instance, has had the luck to get to know the online fairs thus, thanks to it, they were able to explore and conquer foreign markets. In 2021 Baglio Diar has joined two online fairs managed in different areas of the world that have generated three new business partnerships, two in Belgium and one in South Korea.

In 2022 within the return to attending fair by presence, Baglio Diar was able to participate for the first time in Vinitaly the last April. Although the name of the company was not well known, the attractive labels caught the attention of the people passing by, visitors were enthusiastic about the passion of the Baglio Diar members and, more importantly, everybody was happy about the organic wines of this young winery from Sicily.

Following the contacts of Vinitaly, Baglio Diar has consolidated his expansion abroad with five new cooperations, two in Germany, two in Holland and one in California.

From the 7th to the 9th of June Baglio Diar took part in the London Wine Fair, the most important wine fair in the UK. Following the LWF, the young Sicilian winery has started to export its wines in the north of the UK by an importer that manages only organic and biodynamic wines.

Another step forward to the internationalization of Baglio Diar took place last month as came up the result of Decanter, one of the most important international wine challenges. Baglio Diar joined Decanter 2022 within the five bottles from its selection called Wine Art and the result was one silver medal and four bronze medals.

The results gathered from Baglio Diar abroad are very relevant because were achieved in a short time and during a challenging situation in the world. The winery from Marsala, in a seeming stuck situation in the wine world, has managed to develop its growth also outside the national border.

In 2021 Baglio Diar export was 32% of the annual revenue and in the first six months of 2022 has increased up to 58% of the current sales. Those data point out that Baglio Diar is going in the right direction but the road to go is still long because there are many countries to reach and other awards to achieve.