Slip through paths of discovery where everything is fragmentary in its entirety.

ConnectionsRichness within diversity

As grapes of a same bunch, our differences enrich our reality in a deeply rooted tradition.

ExpectationsThe art of patience

It is inside our winery that excitement meets calm and time stops in a place full of sensations. Here is where expectations start.

The respect of tradition

Our work is an everlasting commitment devoted to a great result. Since we wake up in the morning until the day ends, our efforts describe better than any word what this production means to us. It is a synesthetic journey through smells, colours and taste. Come to discover it!

The soul of an Old Land.Art and culture

We are the guardians of one of the treasures of this old land. Our heritage are six indigenous cultivar: Grillo, Inzolia, Catarratto, Zibibbo and Nero d’Avola and our mission consists in enhancing their qualities to transform them in a piece of art. For the name of our wines we took inspiration from Sicilian literature and five of its female characters: Fantasia, Nedda, Selene, Velata and  Dida.

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