“Baglio” in Sicilian slang refers to “ancient building in the countryside” and “Diar” comes from the surname Di Girolamo.

Therefore, the two words which combined make the company name, celebrate the deep relation between this family and the countryside of Marsala that exist since seventy years. In fact, in the early ‘50s Mr Biagio Di Girolamo began growing vines in the family land. A poor soil made of sand ,clay and slit that benefits by the sun warmth all year round and it is attenuated by a cooling sea breeze: thus perfect for viticulture.

The Di Girolamo’s family passion and care for the vineyards have consolidated over the years so well that today they can count on 120 hectares. The growth of the production hasn’t affected the deep respect for the environment they feel which explains why has been practising organic viticulture since at least 15 years. Vineyards treated exclusively with copper and sulphur (minerals naturally present in the soil), organic fertilization and absence of the use of herbicides, support absolute respect for the environment and to guarantee the highest quality of the product.

To the quantity and the quality, by the time, has been added a good variety range hence nowadays the wines are produced both by native grapes like Grillo, Inzolia, Zibibbo, Nero D’avola and by international ones such as Merlot and Syrah.

Besides bringing a faithful expression of the terroir into the glass through organic production, the company offers an exclusive design of bottles that take their names from the characters of the novels of famous Sicilian writers such as Pirandello and Verga. Moreover, on the label, are pictured vintage women faces and the sentences written by the famous writers to confirm the strong relationships  within the Sicilian culture.

The match between literature and wine is honoured with the name given to the most prestigious set of bottles that, at the moment, is produced by Baglio Diar: Wine Art.

Thanks to the precise identity and the modern organic viticulture, the wines of Baglio Diar are already highly appreciated in some foreign markets like the American and the Scandinavian ones. In Italy, although the commercialization began only in 2020, are already a few the regions where the wines are present.

The most exciting point is that this is just the beginning of a long journey for Baglio Diar. In fact, the company aims to land on as many foreign markets as possible and to become popular all over Italy by relying on a clear identity, the quality of its products and a generous land extension that can support the constantly growing numbers.

Therefore there will be plenty of news, wines, curiosity and goals to share in the next blogs.
See you soon…