When, how and why… Finally LUMIE

When you think about sparkling wine, the first things that come to your mind are a birthday party, a wedding or an award ceremony. Thus sparkling wine is an icon for joy, celebration and gathering. Obviously, in the last two years, due to the pandemic situation, there were fewer reasons to celebrate, a few occasions to party and particularly prohibition for gathering.

Baglio Diar did bottle its first vintage in spring 2020. The situation at that period was pretty tough than seemed not to favour a young winery looking to grow. The Di Girolamo family, indeed, facing a global economic crisis did not only lose motivation but, with passion and resilience, decided to bet on a kind of wine that more than anything else represents celebration, gathering and conquest.

It was indeed in that period that Baglio Diar projected its first sparkling wine. To a winery that makes still wines, the idea to produce sparkling wines comes to complete or to exalt an established selection.

Therefore could seem ostentation or inadequacy though the truth is that to make the difference has been the willingness to grow, the personality and the ambition which distinguish the young firm from Marsala.

As for its other wines, Baglio Diar for the sparkling wine took inspiration from the Sicilian culture and, in this case, to the lemons. Thus the name Lumie refers to Lumia, a kind of lemon tree, typically grown in Sicily.

The label has a lemon shape within a bright ivory colour inside and outside a lemon peel of golden colour. To make more real the idea of this sicilian icon, on the label you can see dry reliefs that recall the characteristic lemon peel.

The inspiration of lemon comes from the profile of this wine: high acidity, citrus fruits and freshness that is made by Catarratto grapes early harvested and vinified by Charmat method.

Lumie on the nose gives notes of white rose, fragrant odours of fresh bread and aromas of mandarin zest. On the mouth, there are mainly citrus hints like lemon and pleasant notes of white peach.

Lumie is a lovely brut with a fine and regular perlage, it is perfect for those who desire a sparkling wine easy to drink and to be enjoyed on its own or with delicate dishes with good acidity.

Lumie has been a sharp perception made by people with a winning mentality who use to persist in their idea, unconditioned by the outside reality.

The idea to make the sparkling wine of Baglio Diar has come then like a ray of sunshine during a storm, and, as a sign of wise foresight, it was conceived, pursued and realized right now when even the external reality seems to have a brighter future.

Auspicious sign? Luck?

Who knows, maybe both. In the meantime, Baglio Diar is proud to present you Lumie with the best wishes that it will be great to celebrate many goals that they are willing to achieve.