The harvest is probably the most important moment in viticulture because the results of all year come up in few weeks.

The condition of the crop at the moment of the harvest  represents a crucial indicator to value the quality of the final wine and it is precisely its unpredictability that makes the harvest particularly exciting.

Every year, though using the same grapes and terroir, there are different results according to climate variations. The main climate factors that influence the growth of the wine are temperature, sun, rain and wind. The elements listed can provocate natural adversities like drought, humidity and hail that are capable to compromise the outcome of an entire year.

The ideal would be to have a warm climate with cooler evenings, some wind without excess and occasional rain: a bit of everything but in the right amount that it is quite complicated in reality. Therefore, nature plays a crucial role in viticulture and particularly in organic wine production where is not to allowed to use chemical additives like in a conventional way.

Baglio Diar knows that very well because, supporting exclusively organic production in a hot region as Sicily, has to follow strict rules to obtain good results.

Baglio Diar begins the harvest in the last days of July picking prematurely the white grapes suitable to make wines with a high level of acidity such as the charmat method produced in the winery: Lumie.

Then, to bring in the healthy grapes at low temperature, the young firm from Marsala starts the harvest no later than three o’clock in the night and delivers the yield by nine in the morning. Moreover, to maintain an adequate pace to face 120 hectares of vineyards, Baglio Diar has to bring in the winery at least two hundred and fifty quintals every day.

In the winery, in the same way, just as much attention is needed. The grapes are selected and immediately processed to avoid too warm temperatures, the environment and the machinery must be rigorously cleaned to prevent the formation of bacteria that could cause damage, all the delicate pre-fermentation steps of the most have to be completed and cannot be left before considering the working day over.

Thus to guarantee the  quality, quantity following organic wine production, Baglio Diar works intensively from the last days of July until the end of September.

The year 2021 in Italy has been characterized by extreme weather conditions due to warmth over 40 degrees celsius, heavy rains and devastating hail. Sicily has hit recently the european warmth record of 49 degrees celsius which has made in danger the acidity and sugar levels of the grapes while in some regions of North Italy the hail has damaged severely a considerable surface of vineyards.

From an external point of view, certain conditions look prohibitive but by the side of a tenacious and passionate producer seems just more engaging.

Althought excuses are indeed for losers while winners find solutions, can not be given for guaranteed that every year is the best vintage of ever buti s mandatory to feel the pride of having valued the raw materials available in the best way.

Will be a tough and challenging year?

Well…just like the past and the next one because when is expected the best from yourself and from who is with you the perception of limit is canceled and what matters is only to improve.