For any challenge and particularly for those seemingly impossible it is expected
a tough start, it is necessary to be ambitious and to bring along the biggest
strength: humbleness.
Baglio Diar has started its challenge few years ago bottling its wines, within
many dreams in mind and following always its values: simplicity, family, love
for the job and respect for people.
The habit to an absolute dedication to work along with a natural modesty have
made even the extraordinary seem normal. In the journey of Baglio Diar up to
now haven’t missed attention and compliments by many people in the wine
sector which are obviously satisfying but did not generate any ostentation
from the producers.
Lately instead ,the first international awards have definitely made the winery
from Marsala stand out, blessing the quality of their wines, convincing the
most skeptical ones and making proud also the ever cautious owners.
Therefore Baglio Diar, in the last months has participated for the first time in
two wine competition of considerable importance.
Citta’ del vino at its nineteenth edition, took place from the 20 th to the 23 th of
may 2021 at Castelvetro di Modena. In the competition there were more than
a thousand of wines to judge of which only the 30% get awarded by bronze,
silver, gold and grand gold medal.
Baglio Diar has joined the challenge with its flagship selection, called Wine Art
which includes five wines. The result achieved has been four golden medals by
Selene, Grillo 2020; Fantasia, Zibibbo 2020; Dida, Catarratto 2020; Velata,
Merlot 2019 and one silver medal by Nedda, Nero D’Avola 2019.
To note that the wines of Baglio Diar got in three different classification: in the
general board and the one for organic wines within all the five bottles and in
the best Merlot selection by Velata 2019.
Following Citta’ del Vino, Baglio Diar has joined the prestigious wine challenge
5 star wines, organized by Vinitaly. In that competition participate normally
more than 4.000 wines from all Italy and only those which achieve a minimum

of 90 points receive the certification and are published on the international
guide called 5 star wines.
An international highly qualified jury judge the wines in three days of blind
tasting and only the bottles that, on the first phase, gain at least 85 points
undergo to the second tasting.
Also in this competition Baglio Diar got into the winning board with its most
representative wine within 90 points: Fantasia, a stunning dry zibibbo.
Fantasia will be added into the 5 star guide published in English language that
is delivered in the most important wine fair in Italy and in the world.
Would be easy to say that as a rookie in wine challenges Baglio Diar couldn’t
have done better and that now the road is now only downhill but far from that.
The young winery from Marsala follow its road with the same values, aware
that the result achieved are due to an humble and zealous attitude instead
that doesn’t stop to contemplate the goals achieved but persist with greater
certainty of being in the right path.
However it is true that sometimes it is good to celebrate but Baglio Diar prefer
to do it in the right time, in the right way and possibly by one of its bottles
which best suit the special occasion… Which one?

Well I wouldn’t want to anticipate the news coming up…

See you next!