Although in a teamwork some role seems more important than others, they wouldn’t have the same results without the support of the less rilevant ones.

A perfect team should be made-up of people who work with mutual respect, devotion and humbleness. Those three human values could be obvious inside a group but are very rare if related also to who is leading it.

When an employee sees his boss as the first interpreter of the job assigned, besides respecting him for his higher role, he does appreciate his integrity and dedication, doing his best to carry out his role.

Biagio Di Girolamo, 57 years old, from more than 40 years is committed to working in the family vineyards to produce his wine. A tireless and generous person, Biagio face life and works with the same values that belong to him: humility, respect and resilience. Biagio has always had coworkers and,some of them, are committed to the winery for more than 10 years because also they are particularly happy with him.

In 2012, Biagio’s most wanted entry in the winery was of his son Nicola who, when he was only 17, just after completing his studies followed his father’s footsteps.

Today, father and son, manage a winery of 120 hectares with ten workers. Wake up every day at 4 am, meet with the staff, journey to the vineyards and come back together in the late afternoon. Biagio and Nicola love to say that “everybody does everything” and there is no boss but only people with more or less experience which in their case it is not an advantage indeed. Therefore, Biagio and Nicola usually are in charge of the most challenging and crucial duties and supervise other’s jobs such as they are always the first ones to come back to the vineyards if necessary out of the standard working hours, including Sunday. The Di Girolamo’s believe their work is not a heavy one but it is a privilege because they do what they love to benefit their family’s future.

A couple of years ago, Biagio assigned Nicola the management of their winery to develop the family business how he best thinks with his thought. It is an act of love and trust towards his son and Nicola is doing his best although he is only 27. Though working with nature the danger is around the corner and every day can be different, the road that has been taken seems to be the right one.

Nicola, indeed, faces his growing duties with such a calm and confident attitude that is rare for his age while Biagio works with a commitment and humbleness typical of a young new entry.

Within such cooperation and self-denial, Biagio and Nicola don’t need to lose time with warnings, long conversations or celebrations with their workers who, on their side, do their job properly not because of the fear but due to the regard and admiration they feel for the owners.

Believing and doing with resilience bring good results but, once reach it, not everybody, dominated by their power and pride, can keep the values that have led them up there. Baglio Diar, indeed, is inspired by the family from whom come and keep going on his way with resilience, passion and humility, looking to enhance what has got without stopping wishing for more.