The last year of Baglio Diar: news and challenges.

The last twelve months have been an exciting journey for Baglio Diar.

The big question: “Is the work in a winery always the same every year? The answer is not. “

The truth is that a new year brings challenges and opportunities, and we faced the last year with determination and audacity, driven by market demands but also by our passion for wine.

It is undeniable that the wine market has gone through significant changes in recent times. Some of these are due to climatic factors, such as rising temperatures and severe drought, which were and will be significant challenges for wineries located mainly in southern Italy.

Another aspect to consider is the evolution of consumer habits. In particular, 2023 saw a decrease in wine consumption, a preference for native grape varieties, an increasing demand for lower alcohol values, and a greater interest in organic wines and sustainability.  We have tried to respond to these trends by reducing the alcohol content of some of our wines and have also made significant progress towards sustainable production, incorporating good practices even at the office.

However, it has also been a year of big news.

After a long process of ideation and experimentation, in June 2023, we bottled the first vintage of our Velata Perricone. This unique grape variety, less known than others, has a deep relationship with the history of the island. The origin of its name seems to refer to the typical Trapani slang term “Pignatidare,” which indicates the red clays used to produce “pignàte,” the traditional terracotta pots. The reference to clay is not accidental; in fact, Perricone thrives on strong, clayey soils. Our Velata Perricone, launched on the market in September 2023, has aromas of blackberry, licorice, and cocoa that blend with notes of coffee, black cherry, and cinnamon. It is ideal for those who love full-body wine.

On 21st March 2024 we launched the first Rosé made from 100% Nero d’Avola grapes.   Lia is inspired by one of the characters of “I Malavoglia,” whose distinctive features, like sensitivity and beauty, we find in this wine with tropical aromas and low alcohol content. Lia has notes of strawberry, mango, mint, and pink pepper; it is the perfect partner for summer aperitifs. It pairs well with spicy dishes, exotic fruit salads, and raw shrimp. This new rosé joins the five bottles of the Wine Art line.

Another news consists in the restyling of the two labels of the Terroir line. A taller bottle, a more refined label, and a single vine variety. Diornu, 100% Inzolia, shows a stylized sun, whereas Disira, 100% Syrah, has the moon on the label, emphasizing the imagery evoked by their names.

In short, every year the world of wine proves to be complex and evolving, but this does not demoralize us; on the contrary, it is a source of inspiration. Looking to the future, we are ready to face the challenges ahead and explore new opportunities, continuing to convey our passion through every glass.